What is Air Wave Reed?

    Air Wave Reed realizes two desires, quality and smooth warp opening at the same time by the reed with "double reed's smooth opening and the single reed's tight beating".


 Shape of Air Wave Reed

  The assemble of special shape of dent, which is regular tunnel dent with outer shelter, creates larger air space for warp. This large air space reduces contact between dent and yarn, also reduces abrasion. These merits enable maintaining weaving quality and smooth opening at the same time. Also, weaving capacity and ability are enlarged.


 Effect of Air Wave Reed

  Effect of Air Wave Reed is proved by not only reducing warp cutting but also improving weft insertion. Air Wave Reed keeps improving to offer new solution for the new needs.


M/C Stops (day/h)
Air Wave
Stop by wap 0.63 0.47 25 %
Stop by weft 0.86 0.55 36 %
Stop Total 1.49 1.02 32 %

* M/C Spec : JAT 610-150
* Fabric kind : T/C216


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