(for Air Jet Loom)


TL Total length c Open space d,d1 Baulk height (top)
L Workable length L1 Straight H Outside height
a,b End rib F,F1 Baulk thickness
AP Guide height


  A new generation of tunnel reed; an original profile meeting the strict demands of the new high-speed era.

  1. Characteristics

  New Design for the Profile Back Edge

    A subtly curved rendition of the back edge of the profile strengthens the tunnel dent, eliminating reed marks caused by distortion of the tunnel dent during high speed beat up. Increased dent strength also allows for future production of even thinner dent profiles, making reed design with increased air space possible, resulting in clear warp shedding. (Pat. Pend.)

  New Tunnel Profile Configuration

    A shaped up tunnel configuration with 14% decreased tunnel space producting increased air flow and high-speed weft insertion. Even at lower air pressures weft yarns are efficiently transported across the width of the fabric. (Pat. Pend.)

  High Durability

   50% increase in reed dent adherence (as compared to previous Takayama results) has been realized due to our newly developed high-strength epoxy compound made especially for weaving reeds. Even at sustained high RPMs. loose dents do not occur, giving you a substantially higher reed durability.


 2. Process for Dents (Option)

  DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Coated

    DLC, with a surface hardness second only to diamond films, is an ultra hard (over HV 3000) coating, which prolongs reed life due to its smooth and unform surface, resulting in better selvedge quality.

 TR Original: ETpSurface Treatment

    The specially developed ETp treatment for tunnel dents greatly improves the smoothness and evenness of dent surfaces to levels hitherto unrealizable. The intensity of yarn contact levels is greatly reduced resulting in lower incidence of yarn damage. Smoother shed openings and longer reed life are just a few of the advantages offered by this Takayama original development.


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