(for Warping and Sizing Machine)
Minimum Pitch 1.5 mm (wire)   1.8 mm(dents)
Maxinum Number of Dents 1000
Expandability About 25%
TL Total length
l Workable length
S Pins x Blocks
P Pitch
H Pin Height (max / min)
D Pin diameter
Standard (L) Workable Width (l)
1800 Type 1200 - 1500 mm 
2000 1400 - 1700
2200 1500 - 1850
2400 1600 - 2000



    Expander Straight Combs are used for warping spun yarn. By using a combination of flat dents (or piano wire) with mat hard chromium plating and double springs, the pitch and number of yarns can be freely adjusted.


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