Hook Reeds
(for Leasing)

Hook Reed System
Kinds of Hook Reeds
1. Single hook reed-for an even number of beams

2. Double hook reed-for an odd number of beams

3. Hook read-for an even numbr of beams

 Hook Reeds


  Wide Variety of Applications
    Leasing for all kinds of yarn

   Precise warp arrangement on the loom beam.

  Easy operation
   Easy and efficient operation using lever and rod configuration.

     Adjustable to any numbers of leases

  Surface treatment
    Mat hard chromium plated

  Round Pin Construction

    Takayama Hook Reed construction is based on the use of round pins instead of flat wire, providing single-point contact between yarn and pin surface, making the Takayama Hook Reed the most suitable product for all kinds of weaving applications including difficult cases like glass yarn and delicate filament yarn.

  Bottom hook operation

    Since the shake of a hook will be stabilized leasing can be operated by the minimum slide with low tention. The Takayama Hook Reed works by lowering leasing sheets into the hooks at the bottom of the reed, as opposed to hoisting the leasing sheets into top hooks. This is easier, so even high tension warps are easily leased. The close proximity of the hooking process to the reed, means shifting required to divide the leasing sheets is minimal, with less tension on the warp yarns, no missed leases, and no yarn damage.


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