(New Comb System by Numerical Control)
Frame is made by Precision Processing Program Joint area shows very good continuity
Existing Style VS. Super Comb
Numerically Controlled Frame Processing
Curvilinear Processing by NC
Straight line arrangement by "Super Expansion"
Comparison of Existing Comb and Super Comb
Item Existing Comb Super Comb
Accuracy (Pitch) O Unstable Positioning by Spacer @ Highly precise by exact processing
Joint Durability # Falling needles, problem at both edges @ Special design of ideal shape
Joint Accuracy # Hand made, Unstable by productin method @ micron level precision processing, stabilized accuracy
Super Comb Standard Specification
Joint Type TL Numbers of Needles Hight Tip Thickness
J Type 4 inch

Acute Round
4 mm
6 inch
F Type 150 mm 6 mm
200 mm
Material Characteristics
Material Corrosion Resist. Abrasion Resist. Exchange needle
Piano Wire
Cr - Plating
# @ X
No - Plating
@ O @
Numbers of Needle per Comb
TL Min. Max.
4 inch 14 85
6 inch 21 127
150 mm 21 125
200 mm 28 166


  What is NCS ?

    NCS is the next generation of numerical controlled Comb design & manufacturing system, which offers realization of distinguished
accuracy and application flexibility to the comb.

    Super Comb is the first manufactured product from NCS, which offers higher (NCS= New Comb System by Numerical Contol)



  Fine Design

    Even arrangement of 1 needle at micron level, production is numberically controlled, and accuracy is maintained. Exact positioning of each warp creats excellent and stable warping beam.

    Setting of expansion becomes easy and pitch accuracy is maintained at any area. Both edges of frame are processed by NC, and uniform and functional shapes are realized. To hod needles, instead of slit, pin-hole is used. This special shape holds needle nicely, and avoid needle drops and increase the contraction level.

- Accurate alignment of warp yarn stabilizes shape of beam and offers high level of preparatory process.

- Pitch accuracy at the time of expansion and construction is improved in all area because accuracy of every uint of the comb is improved.

  Round Shape

- Curvilinear processing by NC at both ends of frame enables uniform accuracy and functional shape.

- Changing needle holding system from slit to pinhole and suitable thickness of joint area improve the strength of joint and prevent falling needle. Also, construction level increases.

  Real Straight

- By using "Super Expansion", the comb becomes 99.8% straight. (Optional)


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