Super Series Comb


  Super Series Comb

  Using high-precision machine processing, various levels of exacting, itch precision Zig Zag and Straight combs are featured.



  Original Design: Super Comb

    These uniquely designed, indented frame ends allow for increased limits of expandability and wider opening ability while precisely designed specifications of metal thickness surrounding the pin wells guarantee greater protection of the pins once set in the comb. (Pat. Pend.)

  High precision

    A state-of-the-art machining center machines the pin wells one by one, resulting in micron-level, precision pin wells into which the pins are precisely aligned before being bonded in place. The resulting combs possess secure, high-precision pin pitch and exact angle alignment.

  Low Friction Hight Durability (Option)

    The pins are coated with a Super Hard Coating, resulting in both low friction from yarn contact and a high level of durability.


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