Ultrasonic Sub-Nozzle Cleaner
Sub-nozzle cleaner: revolving holder
(for use when there is no metal block)
Sub-nozzle cleaner: revolving holder
(for use when the metal block is included)
Control Panel
Drain Valve
Major Specifications
Ultrasonic Oscillator SHARP(Made in Japan)
Power Supply Power Consumption AC100V (220~230V transformer included)
Maximum 250W
Ultrasonic Output Output Frequency Maximum 100W 40 KHz
Heater Capacity 100W
Washing Capacity Maximum 60 Sub-nozzles in 15 ~ 30 minutes (without metal block)
Maximum 6 - 16 Sub-nozzles in
15 ~ 30 minutes (with metal block)
Sub-nozzle holder speed 10 RPM
Washing Timer Maximum Setting: 99 minutes
(Settings adjustable at one-minute intervals)
Temperature Setting 21°~ 60°
(Settings at or below 20°not possible)
Cleaning Basin Water Volume SUS 304 grade stainless steel
/ Approx. 3L
Exterior Dimensions / Weight 280mm(w)×380mm(d)×380mm(h)
/ Approx. 6.5Kg

  Ultrasonic Sub-Nozzle Cleaner

  Just place the sub-nozzles in the holes in the revolving holder, and dirt will be washed away from the sub-nozzle tips automatically.

(The portion of the sub-nozzles fixed with epoxy will not be damaged.)



  Ultrasonic cleaning washes away the minutest dirt.

  Uneven washing is eliminated by the revolving holder in which the sub-nozzles are placed.

  Heating the cleaning fluid with the unit heater (included) results in more effective washing.

  Duration of cleaning can be adjusted according to the severity of the sub-nozzles’ contamination.

  Up to 60 sub-nozzles (with no metal block) can be washed at one time.
(If there is a metal block, between 6 and 16 sub-nozzles can be washed at one time – exact number depending on the brand of the sub-nozzles being washed.)

  A wash basket is included for the washing of various other types of machine parts.

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