Ultrasonic Reed Cleaner TR-510

  TR-510 Ultrasonic Reed Cleaner

  This cleaning machine will return the entire reed closer to its original state. Using dual settings of water temperature and ultrasonic power, reeds are cleaned safely.



  Celans reeds effectively by means of ultrasound at appropriate temperature settings.

  Number of passes with the ultrasonic oscillator can be easily adjusted for enhanced cleaning efficiency.

  Pump circulation of water between the heating unit and washing basin makes for efficient use of heat energy.



  ultrasonic oscillator : OUTPUT 600w

  cleaning tank : 2400mm X 450mm

  cleaning reed length : UPTO 2200mm

  materials of cleaning tank : SUS 304

  heater : 6kw

  dimention : 3300mm(L) x 620mm(W) x 1250mm(H) 250kgs

*** Made to order specifications are possible. Ask for salesman for details

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